Life of A Pinoy Kiwi In Australia

In the mid-2000’s, just before the global economic downturn, Australia’s economy was booming effected by the mining industry. The market demand for skilled workers was much higher than the supply. Job seekers with the proper skill and work experience can demand for the salary they want. Employers has no choice but to grab the first qualified applicant that appears on their front door.

It was during this time that lots of Kiwis were lured by the higher pay in Australia.Not to mention that the Australian dollar was 25% higher than the New Zealand dollar. With the proper package, skilled workers can get twice the salary they were receiving while working on the same job in New Zealand. That is, in terms of New Zealand currency.

Then the bad news came, “Global Economic Meltdown“. Many projects suddenly stopped forcing companies to manpower reduction. Lots of Pinoy Kiwis were affected by then.

Unlike Australian citizens, Kiwis could not avail of non-employment benefits. That is the main disadvantage. Secondly, Kiwi students in Australia could not avail of student loans. This was the reason why Pinoy Kiwis wanted to become Australian citizens too. Lastly, Kiwis are not allowed to vote in Australia.

Australia made a tremendous economic turn around after the Global Financial Crisis. The government has infused lots of economic stimulus packages that it drained the government surplus funds. The economic stimulus funds were mismanaged though. It did not do what they were expected to do.

Since a couple of years back, there were no big projects except for the LNG projects which spiked in early 2010’s. But then there were no other big capital expenditures happening in the private nor in the public sectors. Mining companies, service companies, engineering companies all reduced their manpower.

Then in the late 2014, oil price plummeted to less than 50% of its price in 6 months period. More companies has reduced expenditures and reduced their manpower further. Those who were able to survive the 2008 economic crisis were shown out the door at this time.

What now Pinoy Kiwis?

New Zealand economy is booming. The New Zealand dollar is now equal to its counterpart across the ditch. Will Kiwis start returning to New Zealand?

Life of Pinoy Kiwis in Australia is not so good at this time specially if the family breadwinner has been made redundant. With no non-employment benefit and New Zealand economy booming, going back to New Zealand will be the only answer for survival.

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