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The Signs of Being a Filipino

Filipinos are always Filipinos. No matter how they try to adapt to their adopted country, the signs of being a true blooded Filipino still persist.

These are signs the you are a Filipino.

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FILIFEST 2006 – A Celebration of Filipino Culture

By: Mel C. Wood
Photos by David Wood

Filipinos in the Wellington region and the South Wairarapa area, gathered together at The Little Theatre in Lower Hutt, to celebrate the 2nd Filipino Festival (Filifest 2006) last April 1, 2006.

Organized by the Wellington International Filipino Society (WIFS) headed by Ms Nilda Campbel, Ms Anita Mansell and Ms May Young, the annual event presented different regions of the Philippine islands, through songs and dances.

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RA 9189 – Overseas Absentee Voting Act

The next election in the Philippines will be in 2007. Overseas Filipinos can once again express their opinions in the governance of the Philippines as granted by Republic Act 9189, the Act known as “The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003”. This law grant citizens of the Philippines, the right to register and vote unless otherwise disqualified by law, who are abroad on the day of elections.

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Filipino Unity In A Foreign Land

Filipinos like all other Asian nationalities in New Zealand are still considered third class citizens. This is the truth whether we will accept it or not. Though New Zealand is considered to be one of the most accommodating country for Asians, we Filipinos still feels a bit of difference particularly in job hunting.

Unless given a job offer before arriving in New Zealand, Filipinos feel the pressure of culture shock and coping up in a higher standards of living. Filipinos tend to land on job they need rather than on the jobs they want.

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GMA Pinoy TV

TNZF has finally received a reply from GMA 7 about our inquiry on having a the GMA Pinoy TV in New Zealand.
Good Day!

Please watch out for GMA Pinoy TV in your area soon!

You may surf through our website to know the latest news and events. Just visit for further information.

Mabuhay ka Kapuso![/quote]

TNZF have made further inquiry with GMA 7 on the details. Watch out for it!!!

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RA 9174 – Balikbayan Benefits and Privileges


This Balikbayan Program is instituted under the administration of the Department of Tourism to attract and encourage overseas Filipinos to come and visit the Philippines in recognition to their contribution to the economy of the country through the foreign exchange inflow and revenues that they generate.

This program includes a kabuhayan shopping privilege allowing tax-exempt purchase of livelihood tools providing the opportunity to avail of the necessary training to enable the balikbayan to become economically self-reliant members of society upon their return to the Philippines. The program likewise showcase competitive and outstanding Filipino-made products.

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Guidelines to Passport Renewal

Passport renewal in a foreign country may be tricky to Filipinos. The New Zealand Filipino provides some guidelines to make the renewal of passport easier.

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Planning to Visit the Philippines

The Philippines has many beautiful places at par with the world’s best. Like may other tourists destinations, knowing the background of the place will make your visit more enjoyable. To make your visit to the Philippines more exciting, here are some tips you need to know.

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RA 9225 – Dual Citizenship Act

Citizenship Retention and Re-Acquisition Act of 2003, Republic Act No. 9225 declares the policy of the State that all Philippine citizens who become citizens of another country shall be deemed not to have lost their Philippine citizenship.

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Filipino Channel For The New Zealand Filipinos

The result of the survey to bring The Filipino Channel in New Zealand is overwhelming. The comments of our Kababayans really suggest that a Filipino Channel really need to be aired in New Zealand. The survey will continue until Tuesday, 18 April 2006. If you have not participated the survey yet or you know of any Kababayan who have not done it, please do so before the end of the survey period.

TNZF have already contacted Ms Cristina Soqueno, Senior Manager of the ABS-CBN Cable and Satellite Operations, Asia-Pacific about the survey. Ms Soqueno have not responded yet probably because of the holidays. Once TNZF receives any confirmation from Ms Soqueno or any ABS-CBN executive, the updates will be posted in this section.

GMA7 Pinoy TV was also mentioned in the comments thus TNZF have likewise made an inquiry on the possibility of airing the GMA 7 Pinoy TV in New Zealand. Updates on this regards will also be posted in this section.

Watch out for any updates!

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Welcome to The New Zealand Filipino

Welcome to The New Zeland Filipino(TNZF), in service to the Filipinos in New Zealand.

TNZF will be featuring information about the Philippine government offices, Filipino Communities, Success Stories, Job Opportunities, Community Forum, Community Photo Galleries, Useful Tips and many others.

Mabuhay ang Filipino!