Nursing Profession in the Philippines

IMHO, the nursing profession in the Philippines is one of the worst profession to be in. Why?

Finishing a nursing degree is not cheap. Review classes for the nursing is one of the most expensive (30K+). After successfully passing the board, finding a job is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Before getting a job, on-the-job training is required for at least six (6) months. In this case, the trainee needs to pay the hospital for alteast (1.5k). This is exactly opposite the engineering profession where if someone works as a cadet engineer, he or she is ensured of a salary.

After the training, despite pormises of a job, still there is no insurance at all. Now what, if you will ever get a job, they could only offer you 5k/month. That is not even enough for the fare expense you will incur travelling to and from you new found job.

I have seen some tv coverage on the OJT payment but the nursing association could not do anything about it. What?

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