Driving of the wrong side of the road

A family is lucky to be alive after driving for at least 3km on the wrong side of a normally busy road south of Auckland – while a witness frantically tried to get them to stop.

Two videos posted to Facebook show the Filipino family’s silver hatchback dangerously cresting hills and rounding blind corners on the wrong side of Great South Rd heading south from Ramarama to Bombay just before 11.30am on Sunday.

Bombay local Adam Reeves, who took the videos, said he followed the car for about 3km until he managed to stop the Filipino driver, who was travelling with his partner and a child.

“Even before I started videoing, I tried to get him to pull over. He just kept looking at me, I couldn’t get him to stop,” he said.

It was quite worrying. I use that road every day. It’s quite a busy road, it’s very surprising that no one was coming round those bends. I knew my father was coming the other way soon.

It was just alarming that I couldn’t get him to pull over beforehand, I didn’t know how to stop him.

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