A Kiwi Employer Dilemna

As an additional note, this Kiwi employer, due to the inavailability of local skills, has employed migrants in his company and trained them during the past two years. This particular employer has the following reasons not to employ migrants again:

1. Migrants are not capable delivering the required skill. New Zealand has particular requirements different from countries where migrants came from. Trainings need to be provided which will be an additional cost to the company.

2. Migrants use these companies as a stepping stone for a better job opportunity. Once migrants got the required local experience, they resign and look for a better opportunity leaving the employer on a situation to hire and re-train a replacement.

3. There are no assurances that migrants will settle in New Zealand. Once a new opportunity from other countries like Australia pops up, the employer will be left out.

This Kiwi employer have employed and trained migrants during the past two years. Nobody were able complete a full year with his company. Despite providing a good compensation to his employees, this employer still has a high rate of migrant turn-over. It might be, he said, that I will have to modify the contract of employment for new employees particularly those requiring training to be able to recover the cost training spent for them.

In addition, he said, I may have a second thought of employing non-Kiwis because of what have happened to me in the past two years.

Migrants need a suitable job to be able to be awarded permanent residency, but looking for the right job is a real problem because of what the early migrants have painted into the mind of employers. It may take sometime before trust to migrant may come back again, but sorry for those migrants who were not able to get their permanently residency due to their failure of settling into a job sutiable for immigration which in one way or another is not a direct effect on their efforts or qualifications.

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