September 2008

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Unemployment rate rising

The shortage of skilled workers is over but unemployment rate is rising. An article of the NZ herald says it all Recruitment companies say the much-touted skills shortage is over, but this is not good…

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New Zealand Recession Confirmed

Weaker Kiwi dollar, higher unemployment, decline in construction activities, unsold properties and lower GDP summed up together are signs the New Zealand is now in recession. Another sign is the exodus of people to other…

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Corruption : A major problem in the Philippines

Transparency International (TI), a global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, has recently released a Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2008. The annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), first released in 1995, is the…

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Philippine Peso weakest in 16 months

As the saying goes, if the United States sneezes, the world catches the cold. The collpse of one of Wall Street’s oldest investment banks have affected the world economy particularly the Philippines. The impact will…

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NZ dollar rises against the US dollar

Sept 15 (Reuters) – The New Zealand dollar posted strong gains on Monday, boosted by a fall in the U.S. currency on heightened concerns over U.S. financial sector. The kiwi rose about one U.S. cent…

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Earning Capacity of The NZ Filipino

The news about the New Zealand dollar plummeting to a two (2) year low is very disturbing. This will make the earning capacity of Filipinos in New Zealand lower. Two (2) years ago at this…

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Why New Zealand?

Image - Business woman walking down street.

Within a relatively short time, New Zealand has developed a sophisticated, unrestrictive business environment that competes aggressively in world markets. It joins our predominantly agriculture-based economy which continues to deliver the bulk of our export earnings. The success of this has seen decreasing unemployment, a strengthening dollar, soaring stock values and business confidence at an all-time high.

The dynamic growth in the business market has boosted real incomes, broadened and deepened the technological capabilities of industries and given businesses the impetus to invest in new plant, machinery and staff. Some of the industries really surging ahead are in niche sectors of manufacturing, information and communications technology, tourism, film production, editing and special effects, bio-tech, wood processing, construction, call centres and retail trade.