October 2007

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Talent (Accredited Employers) Immigration Policy

The New Zealand Filipino has added a new feature, a NZ Immigration approved list of Talent Accredited Employers. If your employer is on the list, the better your chance having your work permit approved. Likewise, being approved for residency if you meet the requirements as stated in the NZ Immigration website.

The Talent (Accredited Employers) policy allows accredited employers to recruit highly talented workers from overseas to supplement their own New Zealand workforce.

The Talent Accredited Employers represented a broad range of industries and one of the larger than the average New Zealand business and well established. The largest accredited employers employed the majority of work permit holders approved through the Talent (Accredited Employers) policy. Small employers (fewer than 20 employees) accounted for 21 percent of accreditations but employed only 6 percent of Talent (Accredited Employers) work permit holders. Overall, most accredited employers employed fewer than six Talent (Accredited Employers) work permit holders.

A study by the Department of Labour, the work permit approval rates for Talent (Accredited Employers) applications is 98 percent. In addition, the average processing time is only 12 days compared to the general work permit (non-accredited employers) which is 51 days average.

Work permit holders approved through this policy were employed in a wide range of occupations, the majority worked in occupations classified as Legislators,Administrators and Managers, Professionals, or Technicians and Associate Professionals. A few percent were classified as Trades Workers. The high concentration in these occupational groups indicates the degree to which these policies are enabling the recruitment of skilled or talented migrants.

Effective the 30th of July 2007, there were changes in the Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Policy. The details could be found at the Immigration New Zealand website.

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Transfield Services Recruits Filipinos – An Issue?

We have received an email about the controversy surrounding the recruitment of Filipinos by Transfield Services. A full text is posted in this , forum thread for purposes of discussion.

There are actually some loopholes in the email:
1. The poster is PNI International which is the company recruiting Filipinos for Transfield Services.
2. The source is a exclusive website, https://anaksining.seework.com – where only authorized users are allowed to login.

TNZF stand on this issue if there are truths behind it or just being circulated by some people having the TALANGKA MENTALITY just envious of the other successful Filipinos recruited by Transfield Services:

1. Let the companies (Transfield Services and Telecom New Zealand) settle the matter.
2. For the Telecom technicians, read your contract and know where you stand. If you have been given two(2) years contract, then that time frame is more than enough to apply for a residency and having not to worry about being sent home after the contract.

Since you already have a permanent work in New Zealand for two(2) years, the probability of having your Permanent Residency approved is very high.

Let this issue be an inspiration for you and not as a distraction to focus on the fulfillment of your dreams.

Mabuhay ang Filipino!!!