August 2007

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Transfield Services Recruits Filipinos

This is an article from TransVerse, a publication by Transfield Services. We are sharing this to the Filipino community to serve as an inspiration and motivation for other aspiring Filipinos who may be planning to migrate to New Zealand.

As of July, 2007, the second batch of Filipino telecommunication technicians has joined their fellow Filipinos at Transfield Services.

Skilled New Workforce Bolster Employee Numbers

With unemployment at a 27-year low in New Zealand, Transfield Services has thought outside the square to recruit 13 telecommunications technicians from the labour rich Philippines.

The new recruits touched down in New Zealand in April and are due to be joined by 49 new Filipino colleagues soon.

Combining their existing carrer experience on the Philippines telecommunications network with skills acquired in a two-week intensive training programme at Aoraki Polytechnic in Timaru, our new recruits are ready to bolster the New Zealand workforce.

Two Transfield Services recruiters spent a week in the Philippines earlier this year interviewing potential candidates. They then worked closely with the Department of Immigration to ensure a smooth transition into New Zealand culture.

Part of this transition included an in introduction to the Kiwiana way of life, covering cultural values, appreciating the Kiwi outdoor lifestyle, the New Zealand sense of humour, and understanding the in-grained Kiwi values of ingenuity, fairness and modesty. The Filipino staff were even welcomed onto a local marae, a sacred place which served both religious and social purposes in Polynesian societies and spent the day with elders and senior tribal leaders.

A major component of the two-week training programme was focused on the rigorous health and safety procedures operated by Transfield Services. The Filipino telecommunications technicians have now been relocated to Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wanganui, New Plymouth and Blenheim where Transfield Services maintains the Telecom New Zealand lines network.

Transfield Services New Zealand telecommunications Executive General Manager, Ross Lockwood, says “The new employess will compliment our existing workforce, which has a sound contingent of young apprentices learning a trade. In return, we offer guaranteed employment in their chosen career field We are enthusiastic about welcoming them into the company and are looking forward to further developing this talent pool.”