June 2007

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Skilled Migrant Category fine-tuned

Immigration New Zealand has made it easier for skilled people to live and work in New Zealand by making changes to the Skilled Migrant Category. These changes come into effect on 30 July, and you could be eligible for more points!

The changes include:

* An increase to the bonus points awarded for skilled employment, a recognised qualification and work experience in an identified future growth area

* An introduction of bonus points for a post-graduate New Zealand qualification (Masters or Doctorate)

* A reduction in the number of years of New Zealand work experience required to claim the applicable bonus points

* An increase to the bonus points awarded for a principal applicant’s partner’s recognised qualification and skilled employment in New Zealand

* A restructure of how bonus points are awarded for study in New Zealand

* Removing the award of bonus points for skilled employment, a recognised qualification and work experience in an identified cluster.

* A review of the list of recognised qualifications

* A more transparent and appropriate definition of skilled employment.

Visit Beehive website for the complete text.

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By Filipinos for Filipinos

In my high school days in the Cordillera region, I have been very active in joining student organizations ranging from science clubs to extra-curricular activities such as sports and scouting. These organizations have created my mind-setting that organizations have variety of purposes depending on what is stated on their mission statements. The strict rule is to abide to the mission statement unless duly stated in their by-laws otherwise. Again, diversification has its limitations.

In my university days, I was again active in leading my colleagues in organizations. We have founded the school chapter of the profession’s national organization and have it duly accredited. I became the second president of the organization. We have started a the College Honor Society to provide remedial classes to those who need them. I was a very successful endeavor that even after more than two (2) decades of its foundation, it is still as active as it ever was.

We have fulfilled our mission as stated in our by-laws. We have made a balance into the life of the students that made studying more enjoyable rather than a nightmare.

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Best Employer 2007 Survey

The New Zealand Filipino is currently conducting a survey for the Best Employer for Filipinos 2007. Nominations for this survey will start June 2007 and will end November 2007. Likewise, if you feel that your employer or previous employer is the worst employer for a Filipino then make a nomination likewise. The result will be published on The New Zealand Filipino by the end of the year.

We encourage every Filipino in New Zealand to please participate in this survey. To join the survey, please click here.