February 2007

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A Kiwi Employer Dilemna

Government statistics shows that only 3% of migrants are successful in landing into a job which are suitable for immigration. This is a clear indication that Kiwi employers are not keen on employing migrants into their companies. The New Zealand Filipino has been able to have a chat with one of the Kiwi employers, the reasons were valid. Migrants could not blame employers in this case but instead to their fellow migrants.

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Manila Born Artist Invites Filipinos

Note: This is an email TNZF received from Riza Manalo. Let us support Riza in this endeavour.

Message: Manila-Born Artist at New Pacific Studio Invites Filipinos in
Wellington to Assist with Current Work in Progress


Artist Riza Manalo, who was born in Manila and trained as an artist
in the University of the Philippines, is currently spending a month as
Artist in Residence at New Pacific Studio at Mount Bruce, next to the
National Wildlife Centre north of Masterton.

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Migrants Ultimate Challenge

It is a fact that migrants find it difficult to get jobs despite having substantial qualifications, work experiences and having a good command of the English language. Why then do migrants find it almost impossible to get employment as per their qualifications? Some reasons could be summarized as follows:

Migrants’ educational attainments have no equivalent in New Zealand. A NZQA assessment is required for this purpose.

Migrants, most of the time, are considered over-qualified or under-qualified for the position they are applying for. Resumes should be customized to the job requirements. Do not mention about your PhD degree it not deemed necessary as this will just provide a negating effect on your chances of landing the job applied for.

Migrants do not push hard enough in job hunting. You will not win the lottery if you will not buy a lottery ticket. If your best is not enough, do it better.

Migrants are limited into the community they have initially been to. Other areas or localities should be considered it is where the jobs are.

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Becoming A Citizen

Note: This is a summary of the Minisitry of Internal Affairs article on citizenship.

A permanent resident may be eligible for grant of New Zealand citizenship if you

I. Continue to reside in New Zealand.
You must intend, if granted New Zealand citizenship, to continue to be ordinarily resident in New Zealand.

You must indicate on the application form whether or not you intend to continue to reside in New Zealand.

If you travel overseas after lodging your application, the processing may not be completed until you return to New Zealand.

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School Time Again – Drivers Watch Out

After the celebration of Waitangi Day will be the first day of the school for 2007. Drivers are warned that only 54km/hr is the allowable speed limit within school zone 35minutes before and 20minutes and the end of school starting 5minutes before the final bell.

This is lower than the 55km/hr speed limit last year. Likewise some schools have only 44km/hr speed limit. If you are not sure of the speed, make sure that you are on the lower speed limit.

Plain clothers pilce officers will be deployed within the school zone to catch drivers violating the new traffic rule.