October 2006

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Filipina needs help


There is a filipina who badly needs a help,She is single mom ( her husband already passed away ) with 2 kids.

Her name is Divina Calvero.She arrived here in Auckland last February with Visitor’s visa and tried her luck to find a job through an agency which cost her NZD $3000. Fortunately she got a job – cleaner in Queenstown. After a few months , she started experiencing pain in her abdomen and her tummy started to get bigger and bigger. She was diagnosed cancer , tumors were all over her bladder, left ovary and small and large intestines. She is terminally ill and badly needs a help.

Her doctor already advised her that either she have to undergo chemotherapy or another operation. Right now , she already decided to go back home (Philippines )and she badly need financial help.

Imagine yourself in this position – She took a chance in a foreign land to give her family a better future. After securing a job, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Initially, she was billed $2,000.00 for laboratory fees. After she had undergone operation, she was given an approximate figure of $15,000 which may not include Doctors’ fees. She was on a work permit and did not have any insurance to help pay for her medical bills. With this development, Immigration Service called her up to inform her that even her work permit might be in jeopardy as she was not fit to work.

Divina Calvero, or Vin, did so. She sacrificed her own to secure her 2 girls, aged 8 and 7, better life in the future. Now, she is facing the unknown because of the sickness she has.


In behalf of Devina, her children and family, we appeal that we accept the call in helping her at this very moment. She needs our help, financially and spiritually, through our prayers. The Lord is calling us to extend our hand to one of His children.

To help, please contact 09- 414 6909 or contact the Filipino Community Auckland Or CFC Auckland (maybe some of them knows.Hoping,we can help her and please we pray for her.There is nothing impossible with GOD.He is the best doctor,the best healer and there is always a miracle if we have a deep faith in GOD ….. 😀

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Filipino Festivities 2006

The Filipino Festivities 2006 in Palmerston was a great success. Filipinos from different parts of New Zealand gathered in Palmerston from 20-22 October 2006 to promote Filipino culture in New Zealand. The festivities was highlighted by sports competion, beauty pageant and cultural concert by the University of the Philippines Concert Chorus.

The beauties from different Filipino communities.

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CV Writing Guidelines

The New Zealand Filipino was approached by another website which is dedicated to CV writing, how to prepare your CV and how to improve your CV.

In addition to these topics, this website has a lot of tips on the job interviews. Here with are outlines of possible topics you may find in CVTips.

1. CV Writing Tips
Your CV is your personality in paper. Make the best of it.

2. Improving your CV
There are always means to improve your CV. You could find them here.

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FAQs – New Arrivals

This article shall be the last of the series about immigration to New Zealand and shall be providing useful guidelines to new migrants. These shall be the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which a new migrant may be seeking answers to.

1. Where shall I stay when I arrive? How much will I be paying for the rent?

If you have applied on your own, you may need to arrange your own accommodation. Initially you can use motels or hostels during the first day while searching for a place to rent during that. A motel depending on the location may range from around NZ$60 to around NZ$200 a day. There are accommodations which are cheaper, these are called backpackers. The price could be as low as NZ$25-40 per day. There will be around 3-4 occupants in a room, common kitchen and toilet.

If you have your agent, the agent will be arranging your own temporary accommodation.

If you have an access to an internet, you could browse on the websites of New Zealand newspapers for flat/apartment/house for rent/to let. Normal price for a week’s rent may range from NZ$150 for a studio type to around $350 for a three (3) or a four (4) bedroom house.

2. What shall I need before I can apply for a job?

Employers always ask for an IRD number when you are filling up your application. There are IRD offices in every locality, there will always be one IRD office near you. The release of the IRD number is around 7-10 working days after application. It is suggested that this shall be the first things on your TO DO list.